The logistics of leaving….

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post, time is running away over here! It’s very true that the longer you leave something the harder it is to come back to so this is me making a concerted effort to get back on track with blogging!

We are now approaching our 8th month in India so it seems a bit weird to be talking about our move, I will catch up one day! As we like to make our life complicated (the free spirit in me says adventurous) we had a pre planned trip to Canada prior to moving to Bangalore – a 5 week road trip around Western Canada and a stop off in Seattle on the way back. It was probably one of the best trips we’ve ever done and our first long travel with the kids – I will write all about it in a separate post. The downside of this trip was all the paperwork we needed to be ‘legal’ in India, and all of this required our passports which were obviously happily residing in Canada with us. Add into the mix a business trip Robbie took to India that he arrived back from the day before we were due to fly out to Canada. Robbie also realised his passport was due to expire and he did not have the 6 months on his passport required for entry into the USA. I would love to be polite about this situation and say of course we didn’t have any heated rows about this ‘oversight’ but it was a BLOODY NIGHTMARE!!! It was resolved by multiple calls to the passport office, who were unbelievably helpful, 2 passports for Robbie and a lot of wine drunk by me!

We got back to the UK in time for the August bank holiday and went straight off to a festival, got terribly drunk and spent the day we were meant to be sorting our house out very hungover and eating curry with friends, oops. So our lovely packers arrived on a Tuesday morning to absolute chaos and Robbie disappearing off to the Peterborough passport office (again) to get Daisy a new passport. I did my best to look organised but it was painfully clear we weren’t. I can’t praise our packers enough, they rocked and packed us up in 2.5 days, 3 lorries and 360 boxes of all our stuff. That felt weird seeing it all be taken away to sail off into the sunset.

We now had 4 weeks till our moving day, at least we thought we did as we still needed all of our visas approving before we could even think about booking flights! It was a tense wait while we waited and waited for the green light. We got impatient and booked our flights once Robbie was approved but the rest of us weren’t. In hind sight this may have been an oversight as it was a little stressful only getting our passports back the day before we were due to fly out! We were basically camping in our house, sleeping on blow up mattresses and camping chairs borrowed from our sympathetic neighbours. After a few nights of waking up on the floor after the mattress had gone flat again, and trying to entertain our kids with all their friends back at school I decided it was probably a good idea to go visit my mum. The idea of an actual bed was too good to turn down (and seeing my mum obviously!) We had such a lovely week together, blackberry picking, geocaching, hanging out together but then we had to say goodbye.

It had some how worked out that we were to say goodbye to my sister and my 2 nephews, my mum and her husband and my dad and his wife all in the same morning, not a good idea really! Whilst it wasn’t a long drawn out goodbye it was like being hit round the head several times with a bus load of emotion. I recommend to anyone that spreading out the goodbyes is probably advisable!

We headed back to Bedfordshire for our final week in our empty house. We also had an important mission to accomplish ‘Drink the house dry’. One thing we had failed to realise was you are not able to take any alcohol in your shipment overseas, anybody who knows us knows that there is always rather a lot of wine in our house! There also seemed to be a lot of spirits and beers too, obviously we had to invite all of our friends to help us on the mission. So our final weekend was probably an apt farewell, surrounded by all our awesome friends, getting terribly drunk. There were also a fair few tears as well. We feel very lucky to have such an amazing group of people we have collected over the years and were very sad to be leaving them behind. There are not many photos I can publish here of that party but as you can see from this one it was pretty merry…

I’m not going to lie that hangover the next day was pretty awful and we did have to hand out a few bottles of wine that hadn’t been drunk (and tip some of the dodgy pear brandy down the sink!). It was time to pause our life in Bedfordshire and get on the plane to our new life in India, waving goodbye to our house and lovely neighbours was tough but we were on our way.

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  1. 8 months – wow! Another brilliant post. You always transport me back to the time you are talking about – brilliant xxx

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